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It seems unlikely that you would be looking at this web site if you did not already know something about Louis Armstrong. Go to Louis' early and middle years and then to the Bibliography and to Links to learn about Louis. You could also peruse the With Louis section of the site.
Basin Street Blues, 19th March 1954 (Use play/pause and volume control)

Louis Armstrong was, and still is, the most famous of all jazz musicians. He was much more than that, however, as much loved as a singer and entertainer as a trumpeter. Louis led his All Stars from 1947 until his death in 1971. Dozens of books, thousands of articles, millions of words have been written about Louis and many of these have, of course, referred to the members of the various bands he fronted during the course of his career. Few, however, have covered the All Star years more than cursorily and those that have centred on Louis himself, the entertainer and musician.

The only major work to concentrate on Louis's later years is the recent book by Riccardi (2011) and this primarily covers the story of Louis himself and does not deal in detail with members of the All Stars as individuals.

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